What Zukerman Law Will Do For You

  • In-depth consultations provide full understanding of your concerns and needs throughout the process.
  • The Zukerman Law Team caters services to your unique situation and needs. Instead of providing cookie-cutter counsel, we will advise you as to your legal rights and obligations in a frank and direct way.
  • We will discuss your settlement options, ranging from negotiation, collaboration, mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination, or litigation as well as the steps and strategies that go along with each. In addition to discussing these options, we will advise on the range of fees likely to be incurred by each party during each stage of these processes.
  • Legal specialists will provide realistic assessments regarding the likely range of potential outcomes of negotiation or court proceedings.
  • Responsive representation means having your calls, emails and requests for information, answered in a timely manner.
  • Our team will prepare all necessary paperwork, court forms and documents, as to best present your case in a clear and concise way during mediation, arbitration or in a court environment.
  • Service bills will be issued monthly for the fees and services incurred on your behalf in the preceding month and deposits will be asked as further retainers to cover the next stage of anticipated fees.
  • The Zukerman Team utilizes assistants, paralegals, articled students, associates and senior counsel to resolve cases in the most cost efficient and cost effective manner possible.
  • The Zukerman team will keep you informed of the next steps and potential timelines toward the final resolution of your matter.


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Stuart Zukerman

Frequently Asked Questions

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zukerman law group zukerman law group zukerman law group
zukerman law group
zukerman law group zukerman law group zukerman law group

Our Client Testimonials

“Excellent firm. My legal team is Celina and Ken. Both these amazing people go out of there way for me. I have 2 family law cases they have gotten me through and for that I am truly thankful. They keep me at ease while they take care of business. I don't think I could have made it through the process twice with out them. Thank you Celina and Ken, Carol-Lynne”

He achieved the results that we intended, and worked well with other lawyers in doing so. I liked his approach in court. My case was very challenging, and he did a good job. The assisting staff are also very supportive an good to work with. I highly recommend with confidence Zukerman Law.

Had a consultation with a truly fine gentleman from Zukerman Law. His name is Ron Huinink. A received excellent advice and was given many things to think about and consider. I will use Ron and Zukerman Law if and when the time is right!


Zukerman Team