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Zukerman Law Group was established in 1989 by Stuart Zukerman. We serve clients throughout Surrey and nearby areas, including Vancouver, Delta, Langley, New Westminster, and White Rock. Lawyer Stuart Zukerman has over 32 years of courtroom experience in British Columbia and has successfully guided thousands of clients through their legal issues. These include not just Separation and Divorce, but also Family Law Mediation, Family Arbitration, and Parenting Coordination.

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If you are experiencing family difficulties or have suffered from a personal injury, we’re here to help.

Keeping Your Money Where It Belongs

Too many lawyers urge their clients to pursue costly actions that may feel good in the short term but ruin them in the long term.

At our office, we tell you clearly what every action costs and its likelihood of success. We want to help you keep your money with you and your family, instead of losing it to lawyers’ fees.

We also find alternatives to costly litigation, if possible. This includes being honest with the other side about the possible costs of going to trial, to get them to face reality and see the need to negotiate, regardless of what their own lawyers tell them.

Our competitive rates reflect our years of experience, although our junior lawyers still have the benefit of on-site access to our senior lawyer’s advice and opinions. We offer fixed rates for uncontested divorces and separation agreements.

Helping Families

We offer free consultation and accept credit cards and payment plans if necessary. Evening hours are available Monday to Friday, and weekend appointments if needed. Free parking is available at the Surrey office. 


Family law is a highly personal and emotional area of law. At our office, we know what our family clients are going through. Every client is different, and needs to be heard. We will listen to you with compassion and attention before letting you know your options. We will not push you to pursue a course of action that will not benefit you.

As an accredited family law mediator since 1995, Stuart Zukerman is dedicated to this area of law, giving lectures and publishing articles on family law topics. Our office assistant, Meena, has also worked in family law for 20 years. Our clients appreciate her calm, helpful manner.

Meena Babin

Meena has been an indispensable member of the team. Like a savvy project manager, Meena assists Stuart with all case matters including organizing files and assisting with all court room logistics, etc. Meena’s compassionate nature and easy approach has made her a great asset to the Zukerman team.

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