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Alienated Teen Ordered To Undergo Reunification Program

A divorce can be hard on children, but it becomes a bigger problem when parents are bitter and try to turn their children against their exes. Courts do not like it when parents can’t play fair; it’s in the best interest of most children to have a positive relationship with both parents. Because of this, both parents typically need to set aside their own issues and respect the other parent when it comes to their children and the responsibilities to those children.

In Canada, a judge has determined that a father attempted to turn his own son against the boy’s mother, so now the child will have to go through a reunification program. The boy is 16, and he’s been stuck in a situation where both his parents were fighting.

For the last five years, the boy has been used in the battle against the man’s ex-wife. The father took selfies with his son before taking the son to court and talked badly about his ex to his children. He allegedly asked them to spy on her and made it seem like she didn’t love them and was dangerous.

The man’s mother also participated in these actions, removing photos of the children’s mother from the walls of her home and going as far as to tell her to stay off her property. Despite this, the man claims he has the boy’s best interests at heart, even though the court sees this as emotional abuse. Now, the three will need to attend reunification sessions to work out the hostility, which will hopefully help the teen balance his relationship with his mother.


Stuart Zukerman

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