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Anthony Anderson Faces Divorce After 20-Year Marriage

Divorce is a hard time in anyone’s life; it can come on suddenly when one party seemingly files for divorce out of the blue, or it can be caused by a relationship that has been troubled for a long time. In any case, both parties should work with their lawyers to make sure they’re getting everything they should out of the marriage; from assets to parenting arrangements, there are many factors to consider before, during, and after a divorce.

If knowing about entertainment news in the country is something you enjoy, then you may be shocked to know that Anthony Anderson’s wife has filed for divorce from the star of “Black-ish.” Anderson is best known for his roles as an actor and writer, and he is the father to one child with his wife.

A Sept. 29 report discussed the fact that his wife started divorce proceedings to end the couple’s long 20-year marriage. According to her documentation, the couple suffers from irreconcilable differences. Interestingly, the couple has shown no signs of issues in the media.

This couple has been married since 1995, and they have known each other since they were teens. They have a 15-year-old son whose mother aims to have in her care but also wants to co-parent him with her husband. She also wants to maintain primary physical custody, or guardianship, over the teen, although she has not stated why this would be a preferable arrangement. While she is seeking spousal support, she also has reportedly asked for Anderson to have reasonable visitation with their son.


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