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British Columbia Property Division

If property division is a significant source of dispute in your divorce, you are not alone. Property division remains one of the most hotly contested areas in many divorces as people may have different ideas of the value of certain assets, may attempt to hide assets or simply may disagree with how the marital assets should be divided.

While you may believe the only way to resolve your property division dispute is through court litigation, that may be expensive and time-consuming. Even if it does not initially seem so, it is possible to negotiate a fair agreement, in some circumstances. In the event that it appears that litigation is the only option, however, you will need to be prepared with the documentation and evidence needed to support your position.

In preparing for either negotiation or litigation, it is important that you arrive at an understanding of the full asset holdings of your marriage, as well as their value. You may need to secure appraisals and valuations of certain assets in order to resolve disputes about their worth. You will also need to understand how any pensions or retirement accounts that have accumulated should be divided, and you should garner an understanding of which assets should be considered to be the marital property owned by both of you and which should be considered property that is separately owned and not subject to division.

At the Zukerman Law Group, our lawyers aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients, in order to arrive at a full understanding of their marital estate’s value, as well as to what portion our clients are entitled. We then work hard to negotiate fair agreements that protect our clients’ interests. If needed, we zealously litigate on our clients’ behalf to protect their rights. If you have questions, you may want to read our division of property page.


Stuart Zukerman

Stuart Zukerman, a graduate of the University of British Columbia, has over 32 years of experience in litigation with a focus on Family Law, Personal Injury, Wrongful Dismissal claims, and Collaborative Divorce & Mediation. He has extensive trial experience in divorce, child custody, spousal support, asset division, and ICBC injury claims. As an accredited Family Law Mediator, he helps resolve disputes without court intervention. Stuart has also authored papers on family law and lectured at CLE courses.