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Chances Of Divorce May Be Linked To Your Age

No one wants to think about getting a divorce, but an interesting article out of Canada discusses how to actually avoid divorce by marrying at the right time. The July 24 article discusses the fact that it’s actually those who marry older who are more likely to get a divorce, which is not what you’d expect.

Some people believe that if you wait to get married, you’ll have a better education, have explored and gotten to know yourself and have a good career. Waiting for the right person and making sure you want to get married is helpful, of course, but the study performed shows that in truth, people who marry in their early thirties are more likely to divorce than those in their late twenties. The study shows that once you are older than 32, the chance of divorce increases by 5 percent per year of marriage.

Why is this the case? The sociologist who performed the study at the University of Utah claims that those who are more suited for marriage may marry early, while those who have weaker inclinations toward marriage may wait longer to marry and have weaker marriages. Those people may have delayed getting married because of not having anyone who wanted to marry them, or they could have been uncertain about wanting to get married at all.

A relationship author in Calgary stated that she believes that those in their thirties have already been in situations where they have built up resentment or negative feelings. That means they are more likely to get a divorce if a marriage isn’t going as planned.

The average age for marrying in Canada is 29 for women and 31 for men, Statistics Canada shows. The optimal age for marriage is reportedly between 28 and 32, so couples aren’t as jaded but are still experienced.