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Child Returns To Canada With Mother After Alleged Abduction

No parent wants to consider the possibility of losing a child in a parental abduction, but these kinds of situations can arise. If you find yourself struggling to locate or return your child home, then legal action can be the main way to do so. That’s what this woman has done to help bring her child home to Canada.

A child has been at the center of an international parental abduction case in Canada, and an Aug. 1 report states that he has finally been returned to Canada. The 8-year-old boy had been in Lebanon for a year with his father, but his mother went to the country and brought him home. His father is wanted in Canada for the alleged abduction of his son, but he is also claiming that the boy’s mother is wanted in Lebanon for abduction now, too.

According to the news, the boy’s mother and father will be in a Calgary court to discuss the boy. His mother would like to have full custody restored to her. The boy is a Canadian citizen, so her attorney claims that he could not be abducted from a country where he did not belong in the first place.

In the initial case, the boy was taken to Lebanon to visit relatives and go on vacation. He was meant to return on Sept. 1, but he didn’t return. When his mother went to Lebanon, her son was not in the home where he was supposed to be, a second property had also been sold off, and the return tickets the pair had for a return to Canada had been cancelled by his father.

The woman has obtained an order granting her sole guardianship and an arrest warrant for the boy’s father. It does not have authority in Lebanon, making it more difficult to bring him in for questioning or to arrest him for potential abduction.


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