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Why Hire a Child Support & Custody Lawyer in White Rock, BC?

Child support & custody laws are extremely complex in British Columbia. This is how a Family Law lawyer helps protect your parental rights and the well-being of your children.

  • Lawyers ensure you understand your rights and obligations and offer objective advice based on facts, not emotions, so you can make informed decisions.
  • As professional mediators, they help you and your ex come to an agreement without going to court. If mediation fails, they’ll represent you in court. So you don’t have to navigate the legal system alone, which can be overwhelming.
  • They manage the paperwork, ensuring everything is well-documented and legally binding.
  • Most importantly, they ensure any decisions made are in your child’s best interest, keeping their well-being front and center.




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Keisha LaddKeisha Ladd
07:03 16 Feb 24
Celina and the team at Zukerman Law are amazing. I was going through a very difficult separation and Celina was on top of things while also ensuring my legal costs were as low as possible. She is knowledgeable, very responsive, and knows how to get things done. I highly recommend Celina and her team.
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17:14 09 Feb 24
Very easy to follow advice about my situation. No pressure to sign on and given a couple of different options to move forward with.
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22:44 05 May 23
Through a challenging divorce, Stuart and his team were professional, knowledgeable and listened to details backed by fact and was able to successfully negotiate an end to years of chaos. As a client, I would recommend Stuart and his team to get you through some very trying times.
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06:07 30 Aug 22
I am a client of partner K. Kohler, and have heard good feedback about Stuart Zukerman (founder). Mr. Kohler handled my divorce and both listened to me and guided me throughout the whole process. My ex and I shared a goal of preserving assets, and I wanted as close to 50/50 asset division as our personal parameters allowed. He succeeded very well, I am 100% satisfied.It is a highly regarded family law firm, and I recommend them without hesitation.
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17:42 04 Dec 21
I walked into Zukerman Law very broken and feeling defeated. My consultation with Shelly instantly put me at ease. She explained the law to me and what I should expect. My situation turned into a very high conflict case. I was quite dependent on Shelly at first as my feelings were constantly getting in the way. I bombarded her with emails and questions to which she always responded. The route we had to take was a complicated one and I don't think any other law group could have handled it as well as the team at Zukerman. Olivia , Shelly , Stuart and Meena were the best I could get. The end result was incredible! I can now just move on with my life the way it should be. I cannot thank them enough or give them enough stars! They changed my life. Thank you team.

Fundamentals of Child Custody in White Rock, BC

Child custody laws in White Rock fall under the Federal Divorce Act and the provincial Family Law Act, involving several key legal terms and concepts.

For example, Custody – or Guardianship under BC Family Law – is a parent’s right to make important decisions for their child’s well-being and to have their child live with them. Both parents are equally entitled to joint custody. But, if it undermines the child’s best interest, sole custody can be awarded to one parent.

Access – or Contact under BC Family Law – is the time your child spends with someone who is not a custodial parent or guardian – such as a non-custodial parent, a grandparent, or other family members.

Parenting time – under BC Family Law – is the time your child spends with a guardian who is responsible for caring for your child and making day-to-day decisions during this period.

Post-separation parenting issues can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative law. However, if parents cannot reach an agreement, a decision is made in court based on the child’s best interests.

Child support in a shared custody

Child support in British Columbia is a legal obligation for parents, and it needs a clear understanding. Here’s what you need to know:

Child support ensures financial care for children even if one parent is not involved in their upbringing. It’s determined by the Federal Child Support Guidelines, and the amount depends on the paying parent’s income, number of children, and where they live.

The parent with primary custody is entitled to receive support, regardless of the relationship dynamics between the parents. However, failure to pay child support doesn’t impact parenting time or contact with the children. If you’re filing for divorce, you should know that courts require proper financial arrangements, including child support, for divorce procedures to proceed.

Our professional team helps you ensure a fair child support agreement, prioritizing your child’s well-being while safeguarding your rights.

Different types of Child Custody

Understanding the various types of child custody in British Columbia is crucial for parents navigating family law matters. Here’s a clear breakdown of the different custody arrangements:

  • Sole Custody: In this arrangement, one parent has primary physical custody and decision-making authority for the child’s upbringing.
  • Joint Custody: Both parents share physical custody and decision-making responsibilities for the child’s welfare and upbringing.
  • Split Custody: This arrangement involves dividing siblings between parents, with each parent having sole or joint custody of one or more children.

Knowing these custody options requires careful consideration of the child’s best interests and legal requirements. While each situation is unique, seeking guidance from family law professionals at our team provides invaluable support and clarity throughout the process.

Differences between Child Support & Child Custody

Child support and child custody are two vital concepts in family law matters in White Rock, British Columbia. Here’s an overview of their key differences:

Child support primarily refers to the financial obligations one parent has towards the upbringing and care of the child. It ensures the financial welfare of the children, regardless of the dynamics of the parents’ relationship. The amount of child support is typically determined based on factors such as each parent’s income, the child’s needs, and any special circumstances.

However, child custody refers to the legal and physical rights and responsibilities each parent has regarding the child’s upbringing, care, and decision-making. Custody decisions prioritize the best interests of the child, aiming to ensure their safety, stability, and well-being.

While these are different concepts, they are quite intertwined and need to be addressed clearly in post-separation agreements or court decisions.

How Does the Court Calculate Child Support in White Rock, BC?

Child support is calculated by the court in White Rock, British Columbia, based on federal guidelines. Here’s a general breakdown of what BC courts take into account:

Income Assessment: The court assesses each parent’s income, including salary, wages, bonuses, and other sources of earnings.
It follows clear instructions defined in the Child Support Guidelines, which consider factors such as how much the person paying support earns, how many children they have to support, and where they live.

Special Expenses: Additional expenses, such as childcare, healthcare, and education, may also be factored into the calculation.

Split Custody: In cases of split custody, where children live with each parent for an equal or near-equal amount of time, child support may be adjusted accordingly.

Child support calculation is a delicate and complex procedure. Our professional team specializes in helping you understand your rights and obligations regarding child support to ensure a fair outcome.


Yes, hiring a lawyer for child support modification, such as the professionals Zukerman Law, is advisable. A lawyer provides crucial legal insights, ensures your rights are protected, and can negotiate or represent you in court if needed. Their guidance increases your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

If a parent fails to pay child support in White Rock, BC, there are legal repercussions they may face. These can include:
1. Enforcement Measures: The recipient parent can seek enforcement measures through the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP), which has the authority to enforce court-ordered child support payments.
2. Legal Action: The recipient parent may pursue legal action against the non-paying parent to enforce the child support order, potentially leading to consequences such as wage garnishment, property seizure, or suspension of the driver’s license.
3. Interest and Arrears: Unpaid child support accrues interest over time, and the non-paying parent may be required to pay arrears (back payments) in addition to the ongoing support.
4. Court Proceedings: In severe cases of non-compliance, the court may hold the non-paying parent in contempt, leading to fines, imprisonment, or other penalties.

Child support typically ends when the child reaches the age of majority, which is 19 in British Columbia. However, exceptions may apply:

Continuing Education: If the child is still in secondary education, support may be extended.
Disability or Special Needs: Support may continue for children with disabilities or special needs.
Agreement or Court Order: Terms of separation agreements or court orders can influence termination or extension.
Changed Circumstances: Significant changes may warrant a review of support obligations