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Collaborative Divorce A Valid Option

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, the fallout can be monetary, emotional and extremely tumultuous. Many British Columbia couples would prefer to avoid a contentious divorce, particularly if they have children who could be influenced negatively by conflict. This is why collaborative divorce is becoming more popular all over the country for a wide variety of couples.

In essence, collaborative divorce works to keep the process out of a courtroom. The couple decides as a unit in advance that they will not engage the court until the divorce papers need to be signed, and instead seek out their own individual representation in the form of experienced divorce lawyers. At this point, the couple can sit down with their representation to draft out what they want and/or need from a divorce settlement.

Sometimes, other professionals become involved with this process. Collaborative divorce often involves the services of a mediator, who is impartial to both parties but oversees non-court meetings to hammer out details of the settlement. When the couple is satisfied with the agreements, including child custody, asset division and other such details, the paperwork can be filed through a court.

While collaborative divorce is not necessarily a good fit for every couple, it is important for British Columbia residents to understand their options ahead of starting down the road to a separation. Qualified lawyers can help to smooth that process, even if the divorce has to go to court. Seeking out their support is a good first step towards an amicable, equitable settlement and the beginning of a happier life.