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Common law lawyer in surrey

Navigating common-law separation doesn’t mean going it alone. Zukerman Law’s experienced Common Law Lawyer in Surrey provides compassionate support and professional representation. We simplify the process, prioritize your well-being, and strive for the best possible outcome. Contact us for a confidential consultation today.


Why a Common Law Lawyer?

Navigating the complexities of common-law relationships and separations requires specialized legal expertise. A common law lawyer possesses in-depth knowledge of non-marital partnerships’ unique legal framework, empowering you to protect your rights and navigate challenges effectively.

They understand the nuances of common-law agreements, cohabitation contracts, and separation processes, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Whether facing separation, child support issues, or property division, they advocate for your fair share and protect your financial security.

They provide compassionate support and unwavering representation throughout the legal process, alleviating stress and ensuring your voice is heard. Also, they recognize the unique nature of each relationship and develop personalized strategies that align with your goals and individual circumstances.

A qualified common law lawyer offers the knowledge, experience, and dedication you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why a Common Law Lawyer?

If you are experiencing family difficulties or have suffered from a personal injury, we're here to help.


Why Choose Zukerman Law?

  • Decades of Expertise: Founded in 1989 by Stuart Zukerman, with over 32 years of legal experience in British Columbia.
  • Personalized Solutions: Tailored advice and strategies for your unique situation, ensuring you're fully informed about your legal rights and options.
  • Comprehensive Support: We guide you through every step, from divorce to family law mediation and parenting coordination.
  • Transparent Communication: Direct, responsive communication with clear, monthly billing for full transparency.
  • Strategic Guidance: In-depth consultations to explore all your settlement options, with realistic assessments of potential outcomes.
  • Cost-Efficient: A professional & highly experienced team works to resolve your case effectively, saving you time and money.
  • Proactive Updates: Regular updates on case progress, next steps, and timelines towards resolution.

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Our Client Testimonials

Keisha LaddKeisha Ladd
07:03 16 Feb 24
Celina and the team at Zukerman Law are amazing. I was going through a very difficult separation and Celina was on top of things while also ensuring my legal costs were as low as possible. She is knowledgeable, very responsive, and knows how to get things done. I highly recommend Celina and her team.
Mitch SavageMitch Savage
17:14 09 Feb 24
Very easy to follow advice about my situation. No pressure to sign on and given a couple of different options to move forward with.
Rob ChristensenRob Christensen
22:44 05 May 23
Through a challenging divorce, Stuart and his team were professional, knowledgeable and listened to details backed by fact and was able to successfully negotiate an end to years of chaos. As a client, I would recommend Stuart and his team to get you through some very trying times.
Gerald GowansGerald Gowans
06:07 30 Aug 22
I am a client of partner K. Kohler, and have heard good feedback about Stuart Zukerman (founder). Mr. Kohler handled my divorce and both listened to me and guided me throughout the whole process. My ex and I shared a goal of preserving assets, and I wanted as close to 50/50 asset division as our personal parameters allowed. He succeeded very well, I am 100% satisfied.It is a highly regarded family law firm, and I recommend them without hesitation.
Wendy NelsonWendy Nelson
17:42 04 Dec 21
I walked into Zukerman Law very broken and feeling defeated. My consultation with Shelly instantly put me at ease. She explained the law to me and what I should expect. My situation turned into a very high conflict case. I was quite dependent on Shelly at first as my feelings were constantly getting in the way. I bombarded her with emails and questions to which she always responded. The route we had to take was a complicated one and I don't think any other law group could have handled it as well as the team at Zukerman. Olivia , Shelly , Stuart and Meena were the best I could get. The end result was incredible! I can now just move on with my life the way it should be. I cannot thank them enough or give them enough stars! They changed my life. Thank you team.

Common Law Separation Process

  • Acknowledge the Separation: Both parties must agree they no longer live together in a committed relationship.
  • Gather Information: Collect financial documents, asset inventories, and other relevant information.
  • Seek Legal Advice: Consult a qualified common-law lawyer in Surrey to understand your rights.
  • Negotiation: Discuss and negotiate terms related to child support, property division, and spousal support with your ex-partner.
  • Mediation: An impartial mediator can facilitate communication and guide you toward a mutually agreeable settlement.
  • Formal Agreement: A lawyer can draft a Separation Agreement outlining the agreed-upon terms, ensuring its legality and enforceability.
  • Court Application: If an agreement cannot be reached, either party can initiate legal proceedings.
  • Disclosure: Both parties must provide detailed financial information to the court.
  • Judge’s Decision: The judge will consider relevant factors and issue a ruling on child support, spousal support, and property division.
  • Court Order: The judge’s decision is formalized into a court order, legally binding to all parties.
  • Property Transfer: Assets and debts are divided per the agreement or court order.

Benefits of Hiring a Common Law Specialist

While similar to divorce, the lack of automatic legal protections adds another layer of complexity. Here’s how a common law lawyer near Surrey can empower you:

  • They possess in-depth knowledge of the distinct legal framework of non-marital relationships, ensuring your rights aren’t overlooked.
  • Forget automatic entitlements. A common law lawyer in Surrey advocates fiercely for your share of property, support, and other crucial aspects of protecting your financial future.
  • Every relationship is unique. They craft personalized strategies based on your goals, circumstances, and finances, maximizing your outcome.
  • Skilled in mediation and agreement drafting, they safeguard your interests while seeking mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Feeling lost in legal jargon? They translate complexity, present your case flawlessly, and ensure you understand every step.
  • They serve as your advocate and confidante, offering emotional support and clear explanations during this challenging time.
  • Choosing a local lawyer ensures they understand your community’s legal landscape, giving you a distinct advantage.

Don’t navigate these complexities alone. Contact us to navigate with confidence and protect your best interests.

Common-Law Rights Under the Family Law Act

Common-law partnerships in British Columbia lack the automatic legal protections afforded to married couples. The Family Law Act recognizes common-law relationships under specific conditions, granting certain rights but not replicating the entirety of spousal entitlements.

  • Property Division: Unlike the presumptive 50/50 split in marriage, common-law assets and debts are apportioned based on individual contributions and other relevant factors, devoid of automatic equality.
  • Child Support: Both parents remain financially responsible for their children, irrespective of marital status.
  • Spousal Support: Unlike the automatic support granted to separated spouses, common-law partners require a formal written agreement or court order to obtain support, with eligibility contingent on relationship duration and income disparity factors.
  • Inheritance: Common-law partners have no automatic inheritance rights, necessitating their inclusion in the respective partner’s will to ensure financial provision upon their passing.

The Family Law Act does not equate all common-law rights with those of married couples, excluding entitlements like pension and spousal survivor benefits.

The specifics of rights and entitlements are contingent upon the individual partnership’s details and circumstances.

How long is common-law Surrey?

The length of a common-law relationship in Surrey, or anywhere in British Columbia, is defined by two distinct criteria:

  • Two Years of Cohabitation: You become common-law partners after living together in a “marriage-like relationship” for at least two continuous years. This implies financial interdependence, cohabitation, and publicly presenting yourselves as a couple.
  • Child Together: Even if you haven’t cohabited for two years, you automatically qualify as common-law partners if you have a child together, regardless of the cohabitation duration.

Recognizing that simply meeting the time criteria doesn’t automatically guarantee all common-law rights is crucial. The “marriage-like relationship” aspect holds significant weight. You must demonstrably prove elements like shared finances, joint decision-making, and public recognition as a couple.

However, the difficulty in proving a customary relationship lies in its aspect of marriage. You must prove a marital relationship for at least two years. This is where Zukerman Law comes in!

Call Zukerman Law now so you don’t have problems proving your common-law relationship!

Common Law Lawyer in Surrey: Navigate with Confidence with Zukerman Law Group

Facing a separation as a common-law couple in Surrey? Don’t navigate the legalities alone. Zukerman Law Group – a top-rated Surrey firm – specializes in guiding you through this challenging time with clarity and unwavering support.

We understand the unique legal landscape of common-law relationships in Surrey, ensuring your rights are protected. 

Don’t worry about hidden costs. We discuss fees upfront with open communication, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Our professional team has a strong record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients. We tailor our approach to your specific situation and goals, giving you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Zukerman Law Group today for a consultation and understand how we can empower you through this pivotal time. Remember, seeking legal guidance early can make a significant difference in your future.


In BC, living together in a marriage-like way for 2 years (or having a child together) is one way to be considered common-law, but it doesn’t guarantee all rights – “marriage-like” matters too!

Want to avoid becoming common-law partners? Keep finances separate, live independently, clearly communicate your intentions, and consider a cohabitation agreement. But remember, even with these steps, the court may still consider your relationship “marriage-like” after two years or a child. Seeking legal advice early is crucial to navigate this complex area and protect your interests.

In Surrey (or BC), it’s complicated! Whether your partner can kick you out depends on property ownership, cohabitation length (common-law status), and any formal agreements. Seek legal advice for clarity and protecting your rights.