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Facing divorce doesn’t have to be daunting. Zukerman Law offers supportive guidance and professional representation. Our Divorce Lawyer Surrey service simplifies the process, focusing on your well-being and a favorable outcome.


Why a Divorce Lawyer?

The role of a Divorce Lawyer in ensuring a fair and efficient divorce process is crucial and cannot be underestimated. With unmatched expertise, they navigate the complexities of ending a marriage, offering strategic advice tailored to your needs. Utilizing local legal insights ensures equitable negotiations and outcomes, particularly when addressing divorce lawyer Surrey fees, balancing cost-effectiveness with quality. Specializing in family law, they skillfully manage sensitive negotiations and courtroom representations with empathy. Their approach encompasses all aspects of separation, from property division to creating parenting plans and prioritizing your interests. By simplifying the legal journey, they minimize stress and facilitate your focus on recovery. As your advocate, a divorce lawyer is committed to securing a future that aligns with your values, providing invaluable support throughout the process.



Why a Divorce Lawyer?

If you are experiencing family difficulties or have suffered from a personal injury, we're here to help.


Why Choose Zukerman Law?

  • Decades of Expertise: Founded in 1989 by Stuart Zukerman, with over 32 years of legal experience in British Columbia.
  • Personalized Solutions: Tailored advice and strategies for your unique situation, ensuring you're fully informed about your legal rights and options.
  • Comprehensive Support: We guide you through every step, from divorce to family law mediation and parenting coordination.
  • Transparent Communication: Direct, responsive communication with clear, monthly billing for full transparency.
  • Strategic Guidance: In-depth consultations to explore all your settlement options, with realistic assessments of potential outcomes.
  • Cost-Efficient: A professional & highly experienced team works to resolve your case effectively, saving you time and money.
  • Proactive Updates: Regular updates on case progress, next steps, and timelines towards resolution.

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Our Client Testimonials

Keisha LaddKeisha Ladd
07:03 16 Feb 24
Celina and the team at Zukerman Law are amazing. I was going through a very difficult separation and Celina was on top of things while also ensuring my legal costs were as low as possible. She is knowledgeable, very responsive, and knows how to get things done. I highly recommend Celina and her team.
Mitch SavageMitch Savage
17:14 09 Feb 24
Very easy to follow advice about my situation. No pressure to sign on and given a couple of different options to move forward with.
Rob ChristensenRob Christensen
22:44 05 May 23
Through a challenging divorce, Stuart and his team were professional, knowledgeable and listened to details backed by fact and was able to successfully negotiate an end to years of chaos. As a client, I would recommend Stuart and his team to get you through some very trying times.
Gerald GowansGerald Gowans
06:07 30 Aug 22
I am a client of partner K. Kohler, and have heard good feedback about Stuart Zukerman (founder). Mr. Kohler handled my divorce and both listened to me and guided me throughout the whole process. My ex and I shared a goal of preserving assets, and I wanted as close to 50/50 asset division as our personal parameters allowed. He succeeded very well, I am 100% satisfied.It is a highly regarded family law firm, and I recommend them without hesitation.
Wendy NelsonWendy Nelson
17:42 04 Dec 21
I walked into Zukerman Law very broken and feeling defeated. My consultation with Shelly instantly put me at ease. She explained the law to me and what I should expect. My situation turned into a very high conflict case. I was quite dependent on Shelly at first as my feelings were constantly getting in the way. I bombarded her with emails and questions to which she always responded. The route we had to take was a complicated one and I don't think any other law group could have handled it as well as the team at Zukerman. Olivia , Shelly , Stuart and Meena were the best I could get. The end result was incredible! I can now just move on with my life the way it should be. I cannot thank them enough or give them enough stars! They changed my life. Thank you team.

What Are The Steps In the Canadian Divorce Process In Surrey?

  • Initial Meeting: Meet with your divorce lawyer to discuss your case goals and plan the steps ahead.
  • File Paperwork: Officially notify your spouse of the divorce proceedings by having them served with the required legal documents.
  • Gather Information: Work with your lawyer to collect relevant documentation, financial records, and other information needed for your case.
  • Explore Settlements: Consider the settlement options available and understand the implications of each.
  • Begin Negotiations: Start negotiating with your spouse or their lawyer to try to reach mutual agreements.
  • Attend Conference: You and your spouse will meet with a judge in a conference to discuss the case and potential resolutions.
  • Continue Negotiating: Keep negotiating and consider interim applications if needed while the case proceeds.
  • Prepare for Trial: If you can’t reach a settlement, start preparing for trial by gathering evidence, lining up witnesses, etc.
  • Last Chance at Settlement: Even while preparing for trial, keep trying to negotiate a settlement.
  • Court Trial: If no agreement can be reached, the judge will make final decisions on unresolved issues at trial.

What Are the Different Types of Divorce Available in Surrey, BC?

Divorce proceedings in Surrey, BC, fall into two main categories:

  • Contested Divorce: This type of divorce arises when couples can’t see eye to eye on vital matters like finances, property division, or who the children will live with. It necessitates demonstrating valid reasons for the divorce, pushing you into potentially complex legal territory. 
  • Uncontested Divorce: Opting for an uncontested divorce signifies a mutual decision to part ways amicably, agreeing on all significant aspects of the separation. This path is notably less daunting and financially burdensome, allowing for a quicker resolution.

However, the importance of consulting with a proficient divorce lawyer of Zukerman Law Group cannot be understated. Their expertise ensures that the separation agreement is equitable, covering all necessary legal bases and facilitating a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help Navigate Child Issues in Surrey?

Navigating child-related issues during a divorce can be challenging, but a skilled divorce lawyer in Surrey can provide invaluable assistance:

  • Expert Analysis: They examine custody and parenting arrangements to impact child support accurately, considering primary residence, shared parenting, or split custody scenarios.
  • Income Assessment: To determine fair support, ensure both parents fully disclose their income and scrutinize self-employed parents’ earnings and pre-tax profits.
  • Support for Older Children: Evaluating if children over 19 still qualify for support due to disability, illness, or education needs.
  • Extraordinary Expenses: Identifying and allocating necessary special expenses beyond basic support.
  • Resolution and Advocacy: Offering advice for settlement and representing your interests in arbitration or court for optimal outcomes.

Consulting with Zukerman Law Group, the best family lawyer or separation lawyers in Surrey, ensures your children’s needs are met effectively and fairly.

Common Divorce Concerns in Surrey

In Surrey, navigating the complexities of divorce brings common concerns to the forefront:

  • Legal Uncertainty: The fear of the unknown legal terrain prompts many to seek the clarity that only a seasoned family lawyer in Surrey can provide. Misinformation can lead to costly mistakes.
  • Emotional Overwhelm: The emotional toll of divorce is significant. Engaging a compassionate divorce lawyer near me can offer support beyond legal advice.
  • Process Anxiety: Deciding between contested and uncontested divorce, mediation, or collaborative divorce can be overwhelming. The best family lawyer in Surrey can guide you through choosing the proper process for your situation.
  • Financial Worries: Concerns over divorce lawyer Surrey fees and potential financial strain are common. Separation lawyers offer guidance to mitigate costs while ensuring fair outcomes.

Consulting with dedicated family lawyers in Surrey, such as Zukerman Law Group, can address these concerns, providing a path toward resolution with informed and supportive guidance.

How Long Will It Take to Finalize My Surrey Divorce?

Finalizing a divorce in Surrey can vary in duration due to multiple factors:

  • Compromise Level: The time it takes can depend on how ready both parties are to reach an agreement.
  • Emergency Orders: Orders can be issued within 24 hours for urgent matters.
  • Interim Applications: These are usually addressed within a few weeks after submission.
  • Court Timelines: Expect longer wait times in the Provincial Court compared to the Supreme Court.
  • Negotiation Process: The negotiation or mediation process can span from a few weeks to over a year.

Scheduling a consultation with a Surrey divorce lawyer can offer a clearer estimate based on your specific situation, ensuring you understand both the process and potential costs involved.

What Factors Determine Property Division in a Surrey Divorce Case?

In Surrey divorce cases, property division is influenced by several key factors:

  • Property Type: Whether it’s the family home, commercial real estate, or rental properties, each has specific division rules under BC Family Law.
  • Valuation Timing: Real estate is typically valued at trial time rather than separation time, affecting division outcomes.
  • Post-Separation Contributions: Contributions towards the property after separation can be crucial in arguing for a different division of its value.
  • Tax Implications: Division may trigger taxes like capital gains, for which both parties might be responsible.

Consulting with a Surrey divorce lawyer, particularly from Zukerman Law Group, is essential to navigate these complexities, ensuring a fair and legally sound division of assets. Contacting a family lawyer early can provide clarity on divorce lawyer Surrey fees and strategic advice tailored to your situation.

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Surrey?

The cost of a divorce lawyer in Surrey depends on the lawyer’s experience and your case’s complexity. At Zukerman Law Group, we offer clear advice on expected fees. Rates vary, with highly experienced lawyers typically charging more due to their expertise. Discussing your case with us allows for a detailed understanding of the divorce lawyer’s Surrey fees, ensuring you receive tailored advice suited to your financial and legal needs. Our goal is to help you navigate this challenging time with transparency and support.

Why is Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Important in Surrey?

Hiring a divorce lawyer in Surrey is vital to navigating the complex separation or divorce process with clarity and support. At Zukerman Law Group, recognized as among the best family lawyers in Surrey, we’re committed to providing you with the expertise needed to protect your rights and interests. Understanding divorce lawyer Surrey fees is part of our transparent consultation process. Our experienced team can significantly impact the outcome of your case, whether you’re searching for a “divorce lawyer near me” or specific separation lawyers. Contact us to understand how we can assist you through this pivotal time with personalized legal strategies.


In a divorce, both parties face losses, including financial, emotional, and social setbacks. The impact varies based on circumstances, but it often involves dividing shared assets, emotional investment in the marriage going to waste, and disruptions to children’s lives. Essentially, there are no clear winners, as the extent of loss depends on individual situations.

To obtain a separation agreement in Surrey, both parties should consult with lawyers for independent legal advice and to sign the agreement, ensuring it’s binding in the future. If the separation is amicable, one party can hire a lawyer to draft the agreement, potentially arriving with all terms already decided.

In Canada, an ex-wife can claim a portion of her ex-husband’s Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits following a divorce, as benefits can be divided after one year of separation. This process, known as credit splitting, ensures both parties receive half of the CPP contributions made during their relationship.