Do You Have To Pay Child Support If You Don't See Your Children? in Canada

Do You Have To Pay Child Support If You Don’t See Your Children?

The fact is, even if you don’t see your children, you still have to pay child support. To some people, it may make sense not to pay child support, because they aren’t actually feeling like a parent due to a lack of visitation. That doesn’t matter; child support is there to support a child born to two people regardless of whether or not one parent chooses to see the child.

Child support is paid to the parent who has guardianship over the child. The parent does receive the money, but that doesn’t mean the parent is the owner of those funds. In reality, it’s the legal right of the child to have access to those funds.

If you plan to get a divorce, child support may be one of the things you need to consider. There are specific child support guidelines in Surrey that you should be aware of. These guidelines can be discussed with your lawyer or a child support officer if you have any questions about what you or your soon-to-be-ex partner will owe.

In a best-case scenario, both parents can decide on how much child support is needed and work out when it will be paid. Negotiations may take place, which can happen with your lawyer present or in the presence of a child support officer. Once you can decide on a child support amount that is fair for the situation, the child support will be due regularly. If the amount can’t be decided, it’s possible to take the case to court, where a judge may make the decision.