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Employment May Have A Link To Divorce

Harvard University recently published a study stretching back to the 1970s on the topic of causes for divorce. Their findings may be of interest to British Columbia residents, as they may not be what most people typically expect to lead the causes of divorce. While financial matters are not unimportant in the paradigm of a marriage, the dispensation of work may actually matter more.

The study, which reviewed the relationships of 6,300 heterosexual couples married both before and after 1975, has suggested that date is something of a dividing line between what Canadians might think of as “traditional” marriage models and newer, alternative models. For couples married before 1975, the delineation of housework to the woman was of critical importance, as there appeared to be a causal link between the amount of work the woman did in the home and the likelihood the marriage would succeed. For couples married after that date, priorities were different.

While financial matters were still important to younger couples and the traditional role of the man as primary breadwinner has remained relatively static, it was the extent of his employment that appeared to matter. The study suggests that men who work only part time without contributing more to the household at home were 33 percent more likely to be divorced. While statistics can be taken both subjectively and objectively, this is certainly an interesting trend.

Ultimately, however, divorce can happen for any one of a number of reasons. The important takeaway for British Columbia residents is how a couple handles a divorce once the decision has been made. Seeking the support of trained professionals in handling a divorce situation can be extremely helpful for both couples in moving on with their new, single lives.