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Facts To Understand About Divorce

Almost no one enters a marriage contract with the hopes of a later separation. However, British Columbia residents are sure to know the statistics that suggest the likelihood of divorce for many couples. As a result, a great deal of information has been gathered over the years about divorce, yielding interesting results.

For example, men who are not employed full-time may be more likely to be headed for divorce, according to a Harvard study conducted earlier this year. Researchers concluded that a man’s financial contribution to his marriage, no matter how outdated the stereotype might be, still plays a role in whether the marriage succeeds. The numbers, based on polls of couples married after 1975, suggest that men who are not employed full-time are some 0.8 percent more likely to divorce than their fully-employed contemporaries.

Age may also play a role in divorce. Studies have shown that the greater disparity between the ages of a married couple, the more likely a divorce becomes. Couples only a year apart in age are 3 percent more likely to end their marriages when compared to couples of the same age. This number goes up exponentially the greater the disparity becomes, shooting up to almost 40 percent if the couple is more than 10 years apart in age.

Of course, the interesting facts gleaned about divorce may or may not play a role in a British Columbia resident’s choice to end a marriage. However, it is important for married couples, and even those who are not yet married, to think about these issues perhaps even before approaching the altar. If a couple should decide to divorce, seeking qualified attorneys to aid in the complicated divorce process can help the pair reach a swift resolution.