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Family Fights To Adopt 27-Month-Old Foster Child In Metis

How would you feel if you wanted to foster and adopt a little girl, but the agency responsible for her wanted to take her away and place her in an unfamiliar home simply because her siblings were there? In all likelihood, you’d call your lawyer and fight against losing a child you love, just like any other parent.

A family in Métis is in a similar legal battle over this very concern. According to their story, they have been raising a now-27-month-old girl since she was an infant. The government now wants to move her home, but she’s never been with another family.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development allegedly wants to remove the little girl from her home and send her to Ontario, where her siblings live with a different family. She has never met the family or her siblings. While her siblings may be related to her biologically, is this really what’s best for the child or her doting family?

The family currently fostering the little girl wants to adopt her, and they have said they are on good terms with her biological family as well as willing to take her to meet her siblings and visit them in Ontario. While the province is arguing that the couple is just being paid to be caregivers, they claim they are actually de facto parents and should have the ability to continue caring for the little girl. They believe it’s in her best interest to be with the family she’s grown up with, not to be given away without reason.


Stuart Zukerman

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