How Can You Adopt In British Columbia? + Ways to Adopt in 2024

How Can You Adopt In British Columbia?

Deciding to adopt can be an exciting decision. You are ready to expand your family and to bring someone new into the fold. You want to explore the right options for you, though, so you have the least amount of hassle.

There are a number of ways to adopt in Canada. The Ministry of Children and Family Development, for instance, arrange adoptions in your province. You can adopt children who have come into care via the Child, Family, and Community Service Act through this method. These children are awaiting adoption and new homes.

The other option is to adopt a child who isn’t in the province. There are four licensed adoption agencies in British Columbia that you can work with located in the Lower Mainland area, Victoria and Kelowna, respectively. Before you bring a child from another province, you’ll need to meet several requirements that could vary based on where the child is from.

If you want to adopt a stepchild or a relative’s child, then it’s important to do so through the courts. This is a direct route to adoption. Another option similar to the courts is a direct placement, which allows parents to place the child in the home of someone they know. In either of these cases, it could be that you have someone you know who can’t take care of his or her child asking you to take over, or you could have lost a loved one to illness or injury. You’d be able to take custody of the child through adoption in many cases, especially if you were close to the family.


Stuart Zukerman

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