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Kids In Iran With Father Illegally Still Missing, Mother Reports

When parents have arguments about guardianship, relationships can become strained. When parents can’t work together or one feels the other may prevent him or her from seeing his or her children, that’s a serious problem. Parental kidnapping is a concern for some parents, which is why a court needs to approve any vacations or trips in most cases.

According to this story, a court approved a two-week vacation for three children. Their father was meant to take them to France and Germany, but their mother has now found that the father is on the run with the children. They were in northern Iraq, but now they’re located in the father’s hometown in Iran. The man is a fugitive, and his ex-wife has traveled to Iraq to plead with the government. Today, she is being supported by the Prime Minister. Despite this, her children have not been returned to her.

The case is complicated, because in an original court case, the court approved a vacation last year as long as a chaperone was with them. The children called their mother every 48 hours as requested, and a chaperone who knew their father went on the trip with them. Everything went well, and when their father requested to take the children out of the country again this year. He wanted to have fewer check-ins and no chaperone, but the courts ruled to keep the previous conditions in place.

On this trip, things were different. The father didn’t call when they arrived; the children’s mother had to ask through the man’s lawyer. Then, the kids did call. Two days later they called again, but they were in Germany instead of France. Two days later, the children called, but the background noise made it difficult to talk. She asked them to go somewhere quieter, but her ex refused and hung up on her. That was the last call she received.

Cases like this can be difficult; the courts need to have a reason to prevent parents from vacations if they could take children away illegally. If you feel your child could be at risk, your lawyer can help you discuss this concern with the court and get the help you need to prevent situations like this from happening.


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