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Man Allegedly Kidnaps Children From Canada

As a parent, the last thing you’d ever want to hear is that your ex-spouse took your children and fled the country. Your children are important to you, and you’d never accept that kind of behavior.

Sometimes, parental abductions still happen. It has been reported that a man allegedly took his four children to Germany and failed to return them to their home in Canada. Reportedly, the man and his ex had four children together, two girls ages 9 and 11 and two boys ages 3 and 7. The children went to Germany with their father and were meant to return on August 21.The children were still missing a week later.

The children’s parents separated three years ago, but the man did have permission to take his children out of the country. A court order required him to return by Aug. 21. That court order has now been violated.

A warrant has been issued for the man in Canada, but his ex-wife fears that he may have taken his children to northern Iraq, where he used to do humanitarian work. At this point, Interpol has become involved to try to bring the children home. The agency must work with others in Canada and foreign countries to restrict the children and their father from travel. If they are successful, then they should be stopped from leaving Germany or any other country they are in.

If you fear that your ex is going to flee, you can file a complaint with the court and argue for court orders preventing that behavior. With the help of a lawyer, you can make your case to keep your children in their home country, as well.


Stuart Zukerman

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