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Man Tries To Use Homeopathy On Children, Loses Guardianship

Something that is good to remember as a parent is that using unusual methods to treat your children for medical conditions in ways that can be harmful to them will be stopped by a court. If you’re divorced, it’s possible that the other parent will gain full guardianship of your children as well, because the children’s safety will be put first. Your lawyer can help you fight to protect your children in any case where you feel their safety is at risk.

That’s what happened in this case in Canada. According to a news release, a father based in Ontario was trying to treat his children for autism by using homeopathic remedies. The problem was not the use of homeopathy but the fact that the treatments weren’t effective. On top of that, they were causing negative effects.

The man, a 48-year-old, has been restricted to seeing his children only three times each month over the course of weekends. When holidays approach, he is to have shared contact with the children.

The boys, one who is 9 and the other 10, both have severe autism. They don’t speak, feed themselves, dress themselves or go to the bathroom on their own. Despite this, the boys’ father was allegedly trying to cure the boys of their ailments with homeopathy, but their mother found this troubling. She sought a court order barring the man from using these treatments, as they use the very thing that harms a child when trying to cure an ailment.

According to the mother, one of the so-called remedies made her son more aggressive. In another situation, her husband was not getting proper medications for an infected cut on the boy’s finger, and that led to it getting infected further.