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Seeking Counsel In Divorce Court Can Be Beneficial

Over the last 30 years, the Canadian divorce rate has held steady at approximately 40 percent. British Columbia residents facing the admittedly high cost of divorce may consider self-representation as one option to avoid some of these costs. However, noted professionals argue that professional representation is still the better way to go.

According to some observers, deciding to avoid the hiring of a divorce lawyer does not necessarily save the money some people think it does. Many of the costs involved could be averted in other ways, such as allowing for the use of email to arrange a change in motion as opposed to hard-copy letters. Using Skype for case conferences could also help to save clients money.

The trouble with self-representation comes down to the issue of family law, which can be very complicated for the layman to understand. Some experts have noted that when one or both spouses in a divorce are self-represented, the proceedings can actually go on longer and cost both parties even more money. It seems fair to say that a drawn-out divorce trial is not what either party would want.

While some British Columbia residents are justified in their concerns about the costs of divorce, the cost-benefit analysis of self-representation still does not reflect a more intelligent fiscal choice. Investing in a professional who can help navigate the complicated waters of Canadian family law can help to speed the process toward an equitable and mutually-satisfying settlement. This, in turn, allows both spouses to move on into their future lives more quickly and efficiently.