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Family Law

Family law agreements are legally binding contracts that help both sides define their rights and responsibilities toward one another.


Family Law

Family is a broad term; it can refer to parents and children; to siblings or just to a spouse. No matter the nature of your family, navigating dynamics can be difficult at the best of times. When a marriage or relationship breaks down, the family structure around the bond is altered. The purpose of Family Law is to help navigate these new circumstances, focusing on the after-care of former spouses and children.

Family Law specialists are able to help their clients in a multitude of ways, the most familiar being through the creation of partnership agreements surrounding complex topics such as spousal and child support, property division and parenting divisions. More than just a simple or verbal agreement, creating a solid, flexible contract can take time in addition to practical experience and specialized education. These legally binding contracts often require negotiation, communication, reasonability and often, compromise.

A separation or divorce can be a contentious time and it can be difficult to have a clear view of your rights and responsibilities. In a highly emotional time, sensitive topics such as division of property, child custody and spousal support require sound legal advice. More than being informative, advice must be realistic and appropriate for your unique situation. In addition to helping with processes, an experienced family lawyer can provide insight into when to be flexible and when to stand firm to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of.

With 26 years of experience creating agreements that support our clients, we can help you come to a written agreement that will help you move forward from the present, and will protect your rights in the future.

Family Law

If you are experiencing family difficulties or have suffered from a personal injury, we’re here to help.

Coming To The Table

Whether you are dealing with issues of child access or issues surrounding family property,  experienced lawyers can help. It is always a good idea to create a separation agreement. No two situations are exactly alike. No matter your situation, specialized care can help to reach an agreement that both parties agree to adhere to.

Once parties agree to live separate from one another, it is good to have a binding separation agreement in play. Without a solid plan in place, mediations can be unproductive. Independent legal advice can help to create a thorough plan with a set goal in mind.

Our lawyers can help you negotiate and prepare many kinds of agreements, including:

Separation agreements: These contracts determine how you will deal with all issues of property, children and finances after your separation. A legally binding separation agreement protects the interests of both parties immediately following a separation and up until a divorce agreement is reached. Having one of these agreements in place can help to alleviate some of the stress that comes along with legal disputes over child access, support and even living arrangements.

Parenting agreements: The family law experts at Zukerman Law are committed to helping parents reach agreements that keep the best interests of their children in mind. Even when parenting time is divided equally in a 50/50 split, it is important to understand how everyday decisions will be made. A set agreement can help to lay down guidelines for scheduling, extra-curricular activities and where physical time will be spent. Designing a parenting agreement means being thorough, with attention to detail but it also means incorporating a level of flexibility that can adapt to a growing child’s needs.

Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements: A well-crafted prenuptial or cohabitation agreement can prevent a great deal of stress after a separation. However, it’s important to understand what can and cannot be decided in a prenup/cohabitation agreement. It’s also important to understand how the law applies to common-law couples, and how you can define your own terms for how interests in property will be determined if you separate, and be in charge of your own financial rules for the relationship.

Division of Property: Whether a couple is together for a year or a decade, there is always family property accumulating. This property might be in the form of owned land or property or physical assets, as well as investments and bank accounts. It can be difficult to divide this property equally. Having an expert opinion on this division can help to provide a clear and concise picture of assets and encourages a fair split.

For most family matters, resolving your differences through an agreement is usually a far more efficient and cost-effective way to settle disputes — or prevent them — than going to court. A prolonged legal process can lead to a perilous financial situation for one or both parties. Current financials or a lack of funds should not prohibit parties from seeking proper legal aid. There are several ways to attain proper representation even in situations where you do not have the cash upfront.

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