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Restraining Orders

Although we generally believe that keeping our clients out of British Columbia’s court system is the best and most efficient way to get them what they need, sometimes court is the best solution — or the only solution. This is especially true if you have an urgent problem where time is of the essence, and negotiation won’t help.

Normally it may take a week or two for a court to deal with urgent matters, depending on the circumstances. For extremely time-sensitive emergencies, you may even be able to get a court order in the middle of the night.

Most court orders are made temporary with an expiry date (e.g., 24 hours or a week) and a provision to return to court to argue the merits of the case in more detail. Because of the cost of going to court, we are very careful to not waste your money by doing this for anything less than an emergency.

Restraining Orders

If you are experiencing family difficulties or have suffered from a personal injury, we’re here to help.

When Time Is Of The Essence

An experienced lawyer can help you make good use of the court to:

  • Get a restraining order if you feel that you or your family may not be safe
  • Get into your house if you have been locked out
  • Get access to your children if you believe they are in danger
  • Prevent child abduction, especially if you suspect that your children’s other parent will be taking them out of the country
  • Prevent your spouse from depleting your assets by freezing bank accounts or preventing them from cashing in RRSPs
  • Get your spouse to make payments
  • Search for certain things that your spouse may be hiding from you, such as property or documents

At Zukerman Law Group, we have vast experience seeking these urgent orders for emergencies, and have handled hundreds of them successfully, quickly and efficiently.

We can also let you know when there may be a better way to get what you need, and more efficient and cost-effective way of getting your needs met.

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