Smoothing The Road To Divorce (Uncontested Divorce in Langley, Surrey, White Rock)

Smoothing The Road To Divorce In Canada

In a world where nearly half of all marriages end in a separation, one might be inclined to believe that divorce proceedings are something most couples understand in at least a cursory way. However, British Columbia residents might be surprised to learn that the finer points of divorce are not actually widely understood by many Canadians. This is partially due to a reliance on unreliable sources from the internet and misleading advice from friends, which is why many experts recommend seeking out the support of an experienced divorce attorney to help navigate the often complicated process.

A good place to start according to some is by offering a spouse a “way out” of a potentially expensive court battle. This is done by drafting an “early offer” with the help of an attorney, which outlines the specifics of an agreement before the matter is ever taken to court. This offers a win-win: if the spouse agrees, much legal red tape can be avoided, and if they do not, it strengthens the other spouse’s case in divorce court.

Another major pain point for divorcing couples is the influence of social media. Many experts have noted that, while it is tempting to seek out support or to “vent” via Facebook or Twitter, it can also be potentially damaging to a divorce case. It is often recommended that both parties avoid posting publicly about their separation or their feelings about the other spouse to help avoid actionable issues down the line.

Divorce is a complicated business. British Columbia residents who have ended their marriages can attest that divorce can be both emotionally and financially costly. However, with the help of experienced representation on both sides of the negotiation table, many couples are able to settle their divorce cases relatively quickly and with fewer bumps in the road than they might encounter if they attempt to go it alone.


Stuart Zukerman

Stuart Zukerman, a graduate of the University of British Columbia, has over 32 years of experience in litigation with a focus on Family Law, Personal Injury, Wrongful Dismissal claims, and Collaborative Divorce & Mediation. He has extensive trial experience in divorce, child custody, spousal support, asset division, and ICBC injury claims. As an accredited Family Law Mediator, he helps resolve disputes without court intervention. Stuart has also authored papers on family law and lectured at CLE courses.