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Ron Huinink

Senior Counsel

Ron Huinink is a seasoned veteran of family law litigation.  Over 29 years of practicing law, he has practiced exclusively in the area of family law for the last 28 years, with a mix of commercial, family, and estate litigation prior to that.  Ron finds a balance in every case between the possible and the practical so that his clients have a result they can be pleased with at a cost they can live with.  Ron’s successes over the years include a number of cases that have set new law in BC and in some cases have become the touchstone for a significant aspect of family law case law.  Ron prefers challenging cases and is unafraid to take on a long shot when necessary, but prefers to use his experience to try to settle cases for his clients fairly.  Being ready for court means being ready to negotiate hard for a fair result.

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Ron Huinink
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