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The Value Of Keeping A Divorce Sealed

The entertainment industry has been abuzz since it was announced that celebrity power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their intention to end their marriage. Since then, as British Columbia fans are surely aware, their divorce has been widely publicized. In an effort to maintain a level of privacy for themselves and their children, Pitt and Jolie have agreed to keep the court records of their divorce sealed. While this might sound like celebrity privilege at work, the truth is there are benefits for others facing these issues as well.

While it is generally agreed that most people’s divorces would not be of interest to tabloids the way a celebrity divorce might be, it can still be a good idea to keep personal issues out of the limelight. While sealing divorce records can be considered a burden on the court, some people value their privacy more than others, and wish to keep sensitive information like their net worth away from prying eyes. These eyes might even include family members or friends — remember, divorce records that are not sealed are open to the public.

In cases like the one between Pitt and Jolie, in which allegations of abuse have been raised, it may be even more important for some couples to keep their files closed. Even if there is no truth to such allegations, their mere existence can be detrimental to an individual’s reputation and relationships. Pitt and Jolie went the route of hiring a private judge to oversee their divorce, and while it can be a costly endeavour, it is worth the price for privacy for some couples.

No divorce is truly like any other, even if those negotiated between two typical British Columbia residents rather than a Hollywood super-couple. However, some commonalities exist no matter the net worth of the individuals involved. Seeking the support of an experienced divorce attorney can mean the difference between a public battle and a private affair that can be handled quickly and efficiently.


Stuart Zukerman

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