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Woman Files For Divorce To Prevent Debt From Nursing Care

If the cost of your loved one being cared for in a nursing care facility is too high but divorcing him or her would allow the person to stay in the facility for less and save you money, would you consider it? That’s what some people are having to do as costs rise and their own lives are put into debt.

A New Brunswick woman recently discussed her choice to get a divorce because the nursing home bills for her husband have climbed too high. She claims that she is obligated to pay an additional $400 per month that she can’t afford to allow him to stay in an $1,800 per month nursing facility. Her husband’s $1,400 pension is taken completely by the nursing facility each month.

The woman’s husband is a 65-year-old man who suffered a stroke at age 59. He is now unable to talk or walk, leaving him in the care of Victoria Glen Manor near Perth-Andover. The problem is, when his wife hasn’t been able to make up the difference between the cost and what she can afford, the nursing facility has threatened to evict him.

Evictions are rare, but they do happen when families can’t support their loved ones. The New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes president has said that he didn’t see as many divorces for these reasons in the past, but now they’re increasing and happening every three to four months.

In another man’s case, he states that if he divorces his wife, then his pension isn’t factored into her nursing home fees. What this does is put them into a better financial state, basing her nursing care cost on her individual income. This forces the couple to divorce, which can be difficult emotionally, but it leaves the healthier partner’s funds intact.