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Woman Flees To Canada With Children, Claims Abuse In The USA

A man in the United States has been fighting his wife, currently in Canada, for his children, according to the news. The woman, currently being held in Quebec, is in jail because of taking her three children out of Georgia and traveling to Canada.

The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld an extradition order to send the woman back into the United States. She’s currently wanted in the state of Georgia, where she would be arrested for fleeing with the children.

The woman and her lawyer are working against the courts, though, because the split deciding to send her back to the United States was 4-3. She claims that her husband was abusive, and her children have told the Quebec child protection officials the same. She was given full custody by the courts in Canada, but she’s still wanted in Georgia.

The lawyer for her case has stated that the pair intend to file an appeal. The appeal would put a stay on the extradition process, allowing a new justice minister to rule on the case. The lawyer has said that new information, including the psychological information on the children’s health and mental state following being separated from their mother. Two of the children are still minors and require care; the children are currently in protective care, but their mother still risks being sent away to the United States.

Cases of parental kidnapping aren’t always as they appeal, and cases of abuse, like may be the case in this situation, need to be seen in court. When the courts in two countries are involved, it’s best to allow a lawyer to help, as extradition and other concerns may mount over the course of the case.