How Get A Divorce In As Little As 12 Months In Canada + average cost

You Can Get A Divorce In As Little As 12 Months In Canada

Getting a divorce is a major step in your life, and you want to make sure you aren’t receiving less than you deserve out of your marriage. Dividing your marriage and separating your lives is hard, and having to go through legal challenges during this time can be, too. That’s why it’s important to know the basics about divorce in Canada and how you can move forward quickly without any added stress.

There are two types of divorce you can apply for. One is a for-fault divorce, and one is a no-fault divorce. With a no-fault divorce, both parties can agree to dissolve the marriage. With a for-fault divorce, one party is alleging wrongdoing, like mental or physical abuse or adultery, as the reason for divorcing the other person.

You won’t always have to appear in court when you file for a divorce. If your divorce isn’t contested, then your lawyer should be able to file the divorce for you outside court. If there are allegations against you or the other party including allegations of adultery or abuse, then you will have to go to court to address those claims.

Divorces can be fairly expensive once you break down your assets, but the initial fees are not high. Simple divorces range in cost but average around $200 to file the divorce paperwork, plus lawyer fees. Divorces will take at least a year to complete, since you will need to live apart from your spouse for at least a year before the judge will grant your divorce for you.